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Legal advice in the field of cybersecurity, IT law,
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We have over 15 years of experience in the field of IT law

Digitization and the quality and quantity of data being produced and processed every day are affecting every aspect of our lives. That is true of individuals and businesses alike. IT projects, physical and computer security, management of personnel, customers and activities are not only a technical or organizational matter but involve legal issues, too.

Talleri Law Tech Services GmbH

Talleri Law Tech Services GmbH offers advisory services and guides its clients through the digital transformation processes, paying particularly close attention to the legal aspects related to data protection, cybersecurity and compliance, in a neutral and independent manner.

Our services

Directly or through partners, Talleri Law Tech Services GmbH can also provide specific services such as managing contacts with the Authorities in data protection or cybersecurity matters, but also specific evaluations and analyses of security of IT systems. Talleri Law Tech Services GmbH also provides services as a Data Protection Officer (under the GDPR) and Data Protection Advisor (under the new Swiss Federal Act for Data Protection “FADP”).

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